Bushwakka Sundowner EVO Off-Road Camper

Sundowner EVO 4x4 Off-Road Caravan

Sundowner EVO 4×4 Off-road Caravan

Bushwakka Sundowner EVO Off-Road Camper

Starting from R411 000 excluding VAT

The perfect mobile Accommodation and Office

The NEW Sundowner Evo Off-Road Caravan is perfect for those adventurous couples or individuals who enjoy off-grid backcountry camping. With peace of mind knowing they are fully self-contained and free to roam the outdoors in style.

1. Reliable performance in the toughest conditions guaranteed.
2. Effortless setup and pack process with functionality at the heart of our designs

The Bushwakka Sundowner EVO subscribes to Bushwakka’s lightest, toughest, and best ethos. This Off-Road Camper is a trailer that comes standard with a CR12 stainless-steel chassis, heavy-duty leaf springs, Safari gas shocks, and a stainless-steel and aluminum body.

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As tough as it is. The Sundowner has a softer caravan feel to its interior. An integral part of the Bushwakka ethos is its focus on the client as an individual. As Jaco Putter, Bushwakka’s production manager, stated: ‘We are not in the business of mass-producing trailers’. The Bushwakka team members pride themselves on their focus on the individual.

So, while keeping to the base concept Bushwakka will always go the extra mile to help satisfy the client’s unique requirements.

All New Sundowner Evolution SD 2 Sleeper

R411 000 excluding VAT

Remarkable quick and simple set up time.

  • Sleeps 2 persons comfortably

  • Spacious interior living space

  • Large easily accessible kitchen, well equipped for up to 4 persons

  • Easy Set-up Bush-Fan Canopy.

All New Sundowner Evolution SD 3 Sleeper

R428 700 excluding VAT

Remarkable quick and simple set up time.

  • Sleeps 3 persons comfortably

  • Spacious interior living space

  • Large easily accessible kitchen, well equipped for up to 4 persons

  • Easy Set-up Bush-Fan Canopy.

Sundowner Classic II Sleeper

R389 800 excluding VAT

Remarkable quick and simple set up time.

  • Sleeps 2 persons comfortably

  • Spacious interior living space

  • Large easily accessible kitchen, well equipped for up to 4 persons

  • Easy Set-up Bush-Fan Canopy.

Handover Testimonial

Tried & Tested

Read what customers had to say about their Sundowner EVO Off-Road Camping Trailer

  • When we decided two years ago to buy an off-road camping trailer for our stay in Africa, our choice quickly fell on the company Bushwakka Africa. We already knew off-road trailers from various manufacturers from many trips through southern Africa. Bushwakka’s presentations on the internet were was very informative, compared to other providers, many details were developed in the most sophisticated way and evidently constantly being optimized based on practical experience.

    But how should we make a purchase from Germany?
    In short, it wasn’t a problem at all!

    Starting with a very pleasant email contact, Jasper Hewitt made almost everything possible so that we could first have a look at our dream model (Sundowner EVO 2) during our next stay in Namibia. Jasper personally traveled to Windhoek from South Africa especially for this, we hadn’t expected that.

    Since the live tour confirmed our virtual impressions and expectations in every respect, we ordered our “Sundowner Evolution II”. A decision that I haven’t regretted for a minute. Of course, at the beginning, I was concerned about whether the deal would go smoothly across two continents and with the handover of at least half the purchase price already made … ?! But despite the distance and despite Corona, everything went very reliably and seriously.

    Jasper regularly sent us pictures of the production status of our trailer, which of course really fueled the anticipation of the handover, which would be in 6 months on our return to Africa. We could choose the handover time ourselves and Jasper transferred the trailer to Windhoek and also took care of the registration and approval in Namibia so that we could take over our top-quality sundowner in September 2021.

    With his friendly, competent, and resourceful manner, Jasper turned the handover into a very special event. The entire trailer was built up and down again under his guidance. Very useful, because once you’ve done something yourself, you can remember the details later. Although we were impressed by the simplicity and speed of setting up and dismantling the camp at the Sundowner, there are a few things to consider.

    We then undertook the maiden voyage to the Kaokofeld with some very demanding off-road sections. We just wanted to know …
    ..our towing vehicle an old Toyota Hilux Raider that has already been through a lot, and the question was of course whether the trailer would also take part ?!

    To cut it short: whether tricky uphill or downhill passages, whether Pulfersand stretches, whether deep sand, whether fast drive over washboard slopes or water crossings and of course on the solid tar road…. The trailer shows excellent driving characteristics.

    It must be added here that the Bushwakka company individually adapts the axles and the tires of the trailer to the existing towing vehicle, which not only has a positive effect on the driving characteristics but of course, also enables the spare wheels to be used universally.

    Although it had rained quite a lot in Namibia last year, the north, unfortunately, didn’t get much of it and the already dusty roads here after 3 years without significant precipitation caused a layer of dust on the car and trailer, as I’ve rarely seen before. So it is nice in the afternoon when you set up the camp that the sundowner is actually perfectly sealed. No dust in any sealed area, that’s great and a huge gain in comfort. We traveled 2600km of rough dusty roads in Namibia.

    The kitchen, the shower, the completely self-sufficient solar-powered 90ltr refrigerator, the lighting everywhere you need it, the enormous storage space, … are also a huge gain in comfort.

    We can only warmly recommend the trailer and, above all, the service.
    Many thanks to Jasper Hewitt and his team.

    Wolfram Juergens – Germany
  • We bought our Bushwakka Sundowner EVO in September this year. Being experienced 4×4 travelers and campers we did a lot of “thinking and investigating” before we decided on Bushwakka. We also discussed it with Bushwakka owners and friends. The deal maker was the “Bush-Fan” and the comfortable stairs. (We are both over 60)

    As a woman, the comfortable 2mx2m bed and how easy it is to make up the bed through the window is a bonus. The other positives are the great “kitchen” that really works well. We chose the double basin option which is great and our gas stove is on the same drawer as the fridge and that works very well for our setup.

    The sidewall for the “Bush-Fan” is fantastic as well as the bottom skirt for that extra comfort when a cold wind is blowing.

    We love the new EVO and can not wait to go camping.

    Happy Camping

    lmarie and Hannes van der Berg
  • Bushwakka team support was excellent, if we proposed an adjustment, the team was just as excited as we were. I’ve worked with many companies but never have I come across a company with such a positive and supportive team. We approached Bushwakka after deciding we no longer wanted to camp in ground tents, but rather an Off-Road caravan that was more comfortable and easier to set up and offer the freedom to travel and explore.

    Important for us was the following?
    An entrance that allowed easy access without crawling into the caravan Quick and simple setup Comfortable access stairs A practical kitchen layout with ample working space Enough storage space inside and out Soft and aesthetic appearance Self-sufficient with shower and washbasin that are well integrated.

    The Bushwakka Sundowner ticked all these boxes and more

    Thank you team Bushwakka for your excellent service, support, and willingness to always help.

    Greetings from Bredarsdorp: Gerrie and Sandra Downing

    Gerrie and Sandra Downing
  • After owning a South African camping trailer for many years here in England we decided we needed something a little bit easier to put up. We looked at many different designs from different companies and the one we thought would be better for us was the Bushwakka Sundowner Evolution. After making contact with Team Bushwakka we went ahead with the order and for us being the first in England to place an order for the Evolution was very exciting. We couldn’t have asked for any better customer service with regular updates by email and photographs of the build it was fantastic any questions we asked we had were answered very promptly by Jasper Hewitt himself.

    The shipping process was faultless it was all taken care of in South Africa, and the day we picked up our Sundowner it was defiantly a big wow, the photos didn’t do it justice. The build quality is fantastic and every space has been used to make sure there is plenty of storage space in the Caravan, the way it was laid out from the cooking area to the living area is all and more than we wanted. Would we do it again YES what an experience and a top-quality product. Thank you Team Bushwakka for making a dream come true.
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    Andrew and Sally Davies
  • My wife and I have followed a fairly typical evolution in our camping; tents when we were younger and when the kids were still small we moved to a “conventional” type camper trailer with a canvas rooftop tent that opened into a room down on the ground level with the bed up a ladder. Once our boys were old enough to be using their own tent we found the whole drama of packing away canvas, especially when wet, just wasn’t what we wanted. We got rid of the canvas tent and replaced it with a hard shell roof top tent; this was quicker and far easier and it kept us quiet for a few more years until I happened to see a video of the Bushwakka Sundowner Evo… mind is blown!

    Why were we still climbing up dodgy ladders into claustrophobically small paces when we could be doing it like this?! Enter into our lives a brand new Sundowner Evo; 5 minutes to open up the door, drop the step, pop the top, drop the bed and get the awning out, MASSIVE amounts of storage space, incredibly easy to access the kitchen and perhaps most importantly… easy access to a massive 95-liter fridge! With such easy access in and out and roomy enough for us to sit inside and have a cuppa in the rain. The Sundowner ticks all of our boxes and we look forward to many happy years exploring the Australian Outback!

    Rory and Michelle
View Our Sundowner Classic


Designed for two people, this camper trailer is as tough as it gets, with a roomy, soft caravan feel to its interior. The Sundowner 4×4 off-road caravan is light, practical, and can be set up in minutes.


Bushwakka Africa manufacturers 4×4 Off-Road camping trailers and caravans for the local and global markets. Focusing on quality, not quantity, Bushwakka Africa ensures that a high standard of Value Added service to the client is maintained.

Chassis are built to high engineering standards

Comfortable living interiors and spacious beds

Effortless set up and easy towing

More than 20 years of experience

Superior Victron off-grid power supply

Well equipped kitchens with large work station

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Bushwakka Sundowner EVO II Sleeper Off-Road Camper
Bushwakka 4x4 Off-road Camping Trailers
The NEW Bushwakka Sundowner Evo Off-Road Camper trailers are perfect for those adventurous couples or individuals who enjoy off-grid backcountry camping with peace of mind knowing they are fully self-contained and free to roam the outdoors in style.
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