Sundowner Classic 4x4 Off-Road Caravan

Sundowner Classic II Sleeper 4×4 Off-Road Caravan


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The perfect mobile Accommodation and Office

The Sundowner Classic II sleeper 4×4 Off-Road Caravan fills a gap in the trailer market. It is a caravan-type off-road trailer designed to be easily set up by two people.

Adventurous couples want a trailer that can be set up in just minutes and sleeping facilities that are easily accessible. This is the off-road trailer for you, and, of course, the Sundowner trailer subscribes to Bushwakka’s 1lightest, toughest, and best ethos.

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The Sundowner Classic II sleeper 4×4 Off-Road Camper is a trailer that comes standard with a CR12 stainless-steel chassis, heavy-duty leaf springs, Safari gas shocks, and a stainless-steel and aluminum body.

As tough as it is, the Sundowner has a softer caravan feel to its interior. An integral part of the Bushwakka ethos is its focus on the client as an individual. As Jaco Putter, Bushwakka’s production manager, stated: ‘We are not in the business of mass-producing trailers’.. The Bushwakka team members pride themselves on their focus on the individual. So, while keeping to the base concept Bushwakka will always go the extra mile to help satisfy the client’s unique requirements.

Remarkable quick and simple set up time.

  • Sleeps 2 persons comfortably

  • Spacious interior living space

  • Large easily accessible kitchen, well equipped for up to 4 persons

  • Easy Set-up Bush-Fan Canopy.

Tried & Tested

Read what customers had to say about their Sundowner

  • As my wife and Iwere spending increasingly more time in the bush, we decided in 2017 to buy an off-road trailer. After a lot of time spent researching our options, weeventually decided on a Bushwakka Sundowner. This has turned out to be the bestdecision we could have made. Having slept in our Sundowner 180 nights in everchanging Kalahari conditions over the past 2 years, we really got to know it,it never let us down and has become our second home. I love the way it tows soeasily behind my car – basically, if the Hilux can go there, then the Sundownercan too.

    It is incredibly easy to set up on arrival and pack up again at theend of a stay, even for a pensioner like me. Inside, the bed is big andcomfortable, there is loads of cupboard space and I really enjoy sitting at thedesk and working on my laptop. My wife, who loves to cook, finds the kitchenarea perfect and it certainly has everything necessary for our very long tripsinto the bush.

    We have neveronce regretted our decision to buy a Sundowner and trips into the Kalahari havebecome much more relaxing, homely and enjoyable. It’s wonderful to leave atfirst light and just have to lock the back door. Even better is to return afterthe evening drive and not have to set up anything…….just sitting enjoyingthe final glow of sunset, as the night sounds of the African bush begins andsip at something cold.

    Since buying ourfirst Sundowner 4 years ago, we have been treated wonderfully by the wholeBushwakka team. It was, and still is, very comforting for us to know that thereis a backup team in Worcester, which will do everything within their power tomake owning a Sundowner a wonderful experience.

    Rodger Brown
  • I met Jasper and the team about 5 years ago. From day one I felt part of the BW family. Jasper’s drive and passion for the industry are tangible, a man with a lot of knowledge and skill. The team is always willing to assist. The friendly face that meets you in reception makes you feel at home. Your unique ideas are listened to and implemented without compromising quality. There is always assistance when required, even after hours.

    Our decision to invest in our SD classic was based on a few factors:

    • Option to sleep across the bed – no climbing over one- another.
    • A lot of packing space
    • Large door, don’t bang your head when entering or exiting
    • Well-designed kitchen layout
    • Spacious awning ensures a lot of undercover areas.
    • Foldable side panels on Awning, don’t have to remove them every day
    • The units are not mass-produced, so there is a personal touch in every product
    • Superior finishes.
    Ben and Sonja
  • Sjoe ek wil net vir jou sê : ONS HET DIE ONGELOOFLIKSTE LEKKERSTE tyd gehad in die nuwe bushwakka. Die verbeterings is fenominaal. Dit hanteer maklik , is gerieflik en ons het so maklik op en af geslaan. Een oggend toe ons haastig was het ons alles binne ‘n halfuur opgeslaan en nog koffie ook gedrink. Moet darem byvoeg ons het nie toe die “awning” oopgehad nie. Ek kan alles van die wa alleen opslaan en afslaan. Toe ons in Etosha aanland was ons nog besig om ons “spot” uit te kyk wie waar opslaan toe kom daar al ‘n man met sulke laaang tree aangestap. Hy wil net kom kyk na die nuwe bushwakka. Nogmaals moet ek julle gelukwens met al die tegnologie en gerief. Ons het dit baie geniet.

    Naomi & Gawie du Bois
  • Until fairly recently, a sundowner was what we enjoyed as our group of friends gathered around a campfire in some isolated places on this most beautiful continent to recall, as well as re-live the highlights, laughter and memories that we had created that day. Together, with our travel companions we have journeyed to some isolated and breath-takingly beautiful places. The Sundowner, proved to be the best choice for us, and Jasper, and his team, have proved to be the most amazing and professional group of people who have taken obvious pride in our delight. Thank you, Jasper, Jaco and the Bushwakka team too!

    Malcolm Cowell
  • Just to let you know that we are very happy with our new addition…..what a treat to camp with the Bushwakka Sundowner. I don’t think I will want to make food again without it! We had about 60mm rain in 2 days and not a drop in our trailer!  Very pleased!

    Aubrey and Erika
  • Ons het op die Bushwaka – Sundowner besluit omdat hy baie maklik opslaan, ‘n lekker groot kombuis het, goed afgewerk is, en daar ook meer as genoeg pakplek, veral ook vir die los goed is. Die ouens wat die Sundowner ontwerp het, het rerig goed gedink. Jasper en sy span het uit hul pad gegaan om seker te maak ons is gelukkig met ons Sundowner (alhoewel hy bietjie skepties met ons keuse van ‘n hele wit karavaan was). Ons het nou al so 5 keer met die Sundowner gaan kamp, en was nog nie ‘n dag spyt nie. Ons was die laaste keer 5 dames wat ‘n fees gaan bywoon het en besluit het om sommer op die terein te kamp, ons het baie maklik reggekom met die sleep, op en afslaan, en ons almal kon tot ‘n lekker warm stort neem! Die Sundowner is ons 7nde karavaan en ek glo ons laaste.

  • We have been camping in our new Sundowner for seven weeks while touring Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. Now in our seventies and with experience of trailer camping in these countries for the last twenty years, my blond companion, and I, consider ourselves veterans of the bush. Our decision to take your advice and get the caravan has filled us with the enthusiasm we need to tackle more routes.

    You may remember that we began with a Rooftop Tent mounted on our Defender Land Rover. It was easy then to scramble from the bull-bar to the ladder and into a rather high double bed. To make our days in the bush more comfortable we bought a Bushwakka Fargo off-road trailer, and put the rooftop tent on top with a ladder to the ground. The swing-out kitchen, storage and recovery features of the trailer reduced the monotony of un-packing and re-packing the Defender.

    We later traded the Fargo for a Safari Scout with independent coil-spring suspension, and fitted with a drop-down tent with canvas room to walk into. However, it took a while to erect, and there was still the long ladder for us to climb into bed. The trailer was a joy to tow because the quick acting suspension ironed out any pothole.

    As we got older, it took longer to break camp. There were windbreaks, awnings, ground sheets, bags of clothing, not forgetting the actual tent, guy ropes and pegs, and sometimes the dog with all his stuff. If the tent was wet from rain or dew there were more delays. Years of accumulated paraphernalia, which came with us for no other reason than the day that would surely arrive when it would be found essential to our survival, rather than adding to our packing frustrations.

    As you know, I found it difficult to part with the advanced features of the Scout, particularly the coil spring suspension that smoothed out potholes. For ten years, we camped with the Scout, becoming very attached to it. The wonderful adventures, not to mention the photographic records we have kept will remain a major part of our lives.

    Notwithstanding the past, we have fallen in love once more, this time, and for the last time, with the Sundowner. The caravan is light, takes punishment, quick to operate, with lots of space and storage. We find it is much better to camp off-ground, allowing one to choose uneven sites. It takes me less than a minute to swing the steps to the ground, pop the roof, open the door, and walk in. I then drop the double bed on the side of the caravan. My blond companion, in the mean time has opened the kitchen on the opposite side, and got busy with setting up the kitchen sink. All our clothes and bedding are stored in three ample cupboards, and still there is just as much packing space to spare.

    We developed a routine for setting up camp and our best time, including putting out two chairs, the kettle on the stove, was four and a half minutes. Even so, my blond companion, as usual had the last word; camping is not about speed, it is about slowness, and the deep feeling of satisfaction that comes at the end of a day in the bush. Good luck guys

    Victor Franke
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The ALL NEW Sundowner Evo 2 and 3 sleeper off-road camper trailer subscribes to Bushwakka’s lightest, toughest, and best ethos.



Bushwakka Africa manufacturers 4×4 Off-Road camping trailers and caravans for the local and global markets. Focusing on quality, not quantity, Bushwakka Africa ensures that a high standard of Value Added service to the client is maintained.

Chassis are built to high engineering standards

Comfortable living interiors and spacious beds

Effortless set up and easy towing

More than 20 years of experience

Superior Victron off-grid power supply

Well equipped kitchens with large work station

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