Safari Weekender 4x4 Off-Road Trailer

Safari Weekender 4×4 Off-Road Trailer

The lightest proper off-road trailer on the market

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Starting from R286 500 excluding VAT

The perfect mobile Accommodation and Office

Why choose the Safari Weekender?
Here are some hints and tips to consider and to help you make the right trailer choice. The 3 main criteria that would put you in the Safari Weekender category should be the following:
  1. Trailer towing weight
  2. Trailer size
  3. Affordability
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1. Trailer towing weight

The lightest proper off-road trailer on the market.

If you are concerned about the weight of the trailer you would feel comfortable towing, then the Safari Weekender 4×4 Off-Road Trailer would be the choice from our range of trailers. The Safari Weekender is ideal for 2 people if fitted with the medium family tent, easily erected and if you are not the tallest of people then the overall height of the Safari Weekender tent above the ground makes it much easier to open and close without having to climb up onto the trailer. The tent base is 1.4m above ground level.

The size of the towing vehicle would also be an important factor to consider. If you own one of the smaller SUV type vehicles then the Safari Weekender would be the right choice of trailer from our model range.

2. Trailer size

The larger the trailer,  the more equipment it is designed to carry and more equipment equals more weight!

The Safari Weekender 4×4 Off-Road Trailer was not designed to be a fully equipped top of the range trailer with all the bells and whistles, but rather a basic trailer equipped with only the most important requirements to make your camping experience one of comfort. There are however some fantastic upgrades and options available to make the weekender a super trailer. Such as upgraded suspension systems, kitchen surface mounted stoves, upgraded water supply systems, front mounted wood and general storage baskets are only a few to mention.

The Safari Weekender body and chassis is a smaller and lighter version of our larger models, but still very capable of long term off road towing.

3. Affordability

Possibly one of the most important criteria to consider, ensuring  that your money buys you the best value that the budget allows and it is important the trailer will be capable of delivering what you have purchased it for, ensuring your investment remains sound for years to come.

  • Very light weight compact design for easy towing behind some of the smaller SUV’s

  • Large Bushwakka trailer family tent options to accommodate the whole family

  • Very well priced and affordable

  • Full range of accessories to accommodate all your requirements

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Read what customers had to say about their Safari Weekender

  • It was in year 2001 when my wife and I bought a “Bushwakka Shorti“. It was second-hand, but it was a starting point to travel and enjoy the outdoor life in SA. Camping was already in our veins as we had owned a caravan when our children were small and still living at home. What we wanted was some form of trailer that was capable of off-road camping, small enough for us to handle, but big enough to allow comfortable camping.

    The trailer was reasonably well equipped for simple camping, and sufficient in all respects for us to enjoy the many trips that we enjoyed. During the time we had this trailer it was towed all over SA, off-road in rough terrain, and it never failed us!

    We owned that trailer for five years, but after experiencing all the over-land trips that we did, the time had come for us to consider the possibility of upgrading to something that was going to give us a little more luxury. We sold this trailer, and purchased another. Incidentally, the value of the trailer had appreciated in value, which enabled us to increase the deposit on a brand new, more luxurious model of off-road trailer.

    We looked at many other brands of trailers, but knowing the strength of the “Shorti“, its off-road ability, and what we had done with it, we decided to purchase the then, very current and latest in the Bushwakka range, a “Bushwakka Safari Off-road Trailer“. This was in May, 2006.

    The “Safari” trailer was an ideal choice for us, as the full tent could be erected from on top of the trailer to the ground in 15 minutes. We had a canopy with side walls, fly-sheet, and many other accessories that made the living outdoor life much more comfortable. The kitchen unit was extremely well equipped, with a gas stove, partitioned safety storage facilities, drawer for knives, forks and spoons, and at a later stage an LED light.

    There was ample storage space beneath and within the tent, and the kitchen facility, which incidentally, was easily available to get to, was just perfect! Other features included the 60 litre water tank, which proved very necessary when in the bush, the nose cone that stored many camping items, the easy access to dust-free clothing draws, sufficient side boxes to store all those extras needed for a comfortable camp! To set up camp took a leisurely one hour, and we had a “home on wheels”, capable of going anywhere the vehicle could go, which we towed with a Land Rover Discovery TD5. At no time did we feel unsafe with this trailer behind the vehicle, and from time to time, we did travel at high speed to enable us to pass through border posts! The handling of the trailer was fairly easy, once we had learnt how to reverse with it attached to the vehicle.

    Travelling to Mozambique, Namibia, Kalaghadi, Richtersveld, Orange River, and many other camping spots was never a problem. The off-road ability of the trailer was exceptional! We used the trailer over sand, many a dirt road, through water, and over very rocky terrain. It never once failed us! We had it regularly serviced by the manufacturers at a minimal cost, who also, incidentally, added the little improvements to our trailer that Bushwakka had discovered with their experiences. This was always done free of charge, or at very lttle cost!

    The trailer was very easy to keep clean, and on the return from a trip, a hose down, was normally more than sufficient. The body work never showed any signs of rust, the tent never leaked, the battery/electric system was very reliable and more than adequate. We did, however, regularly recharge the batteries when camping for long durations when electricity was not available, but the vehicle charging system could easily take care of that.

    Regretfully, we sold our trailer this year. The reason being was that at our ages of 75+ and that my wife has had her third back operation, we decided that it was time for it to go whilst still in an excellent condition. In all the years we had used it, camping with the Bushwakka was really pleasurable, and we were often envied by other campers for our comfortable camping set-up!

    Thank you “Bushwakka” for your wonderful products and your great service, which has made an impact on our camping career of over 14 enjoyable years.

    Dave Lock

    Dave Lock
  • Ons het ‘n Bushwakka weekender wa gekies omdat die wa baie pakplek het, ‘n gemaklike kombuis met baie pakplek, ‘n groot “slaapkamer” en ‘n groot tent het. Die wa is hanteerbaar vir wanneer dit net ons 2 is wat kamp en daar is genoeg plek vir almal wanneer ons meer as 2 is. Die personeel van Bushwakka Worcester is baie behulpsaam en vriendelik, ons het nog net goeie en vriendelike diens gekry. Jasper is ons vriend en Jaco en Johann het al ons vriende geword, dankie vir uitstekende diens Jaco!

    Wilhelm en Beaulah du Toit

Bushwakka Africa manufacturers 4×4 Off-Road camping trailers and caravans for the local and global markets. Focusing on quality, not quantity, Bushwakka Africa ensures that a high standard of Value Added service to the client is maintained.

Chassis are built to high engineering standards

Comfortable living interiors and spacious beds

Effortless set up and easy towing

More than 20 years of experience

Superior Victron off-grid power supply

Well equipped kitchens with large work station

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