Safari Tourer 4x4 Off-Road Trailer

Safari Tourer 4×4 Off-Road Trailer

A proper Off-Road light weight compact trailer superior in its class


Starting from R341 000 excluding VAT

The perfect mobile Accommodation

Why choose the Safari Tourer 4×4 off-road trailer?
Here are some hints and tips to consider and to help you make the right trailer choice. The 3 main criteria that would put you in the Safari Tourer category should be the following:
  1. Compact, light weight, easy to tow
  2. Quick easy and hassle free set up
  3. Great for on the go travelling with overnight stops
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1. Trailer towing weight
If you are concerned about the weight of the trailer you that you would be comfortable towing, then the Safari Tourer 4×4 Off-Road Trailer would be the choice from our range of trailers. The Safari Tourer is ideal for 2 people, fitted with Bushwakka Africa’s new double aluminium pop top tent. Easily erected in minutes and if you are not the tallest of people then the overall height of the Safari Tourer tent above the ground makes it much easier to open and close without having to climb up onto the trailer. The tent base is 1.4m above ground level.
The size of the towing vehicle would also be an important factor to consider. If you own one of the smaller SUV type vehicles then the Safari Tourer would be the right choice of trailer from our model range, but don’t be fooled it can follow behind any large 4×4 vehicle and set the pace.
2. Trailer size
The larger the trailer, the more equipment it is designed to carry and more equipment equals more weight!
The Safari Tourer 4×4 Off-Road Trailer was not designed to be a fully equipped top of the range trailer with all the bells and whistles, but rather a basic trailer equipped with only the most important requirements to make your camping experience one of comfort. There are however some fantastic upgrades and options available to make the Tourer a super trailer. The Safari Tourer body and chassis is a smaller and lighter version of our larger models, but still very capable of long-term off-road towing.
3. Affordability
The Safari Tourer 4×4 off road trailer is well priced and offer great value for your hard earned money, possibly one of the most important criteria to consider when in the market to purchase a new trailer. Ensuring that your investment remains sound while you enjoy the freedom of owning a Safari Tourer.
  • Very light weight compact design for easy towing behind some of the smaller SUV’s

  • Bushwakka aluminium double pop top tent

  • Fully equipped kitchen with crockery, cutlery and stove

  • On board water storage facility with pump and washing up area

  • Very well priced and affordable

  • Full range of accessories to accommodate all your requirements

Tried & Tested

Read what customers had to say about their Safari Tourer

  • Our family roots are in Africa and no better way than to regularly re-visit these roots with our off-road BUSHWAKKA Safari Tourer. I was introduced to the Bushwakka concept +/- 20 years ago when we purchased our 1st Bushwakka trailer and have subsequently, together with my family, spent almost all our holidays in a BUSHWAKKA. We treasure our memories and enjoy looking at our family album. always with a BUSHWAKKA in the background!

    The BUSHWAKKA off-road trailer is robust and reliable. Their design and construction overshadow its competitors. The BUSHWAKKA factory in Worcester renders an excellent backup service

    I have no hesitation in recommending the BUSHWAKKA off-road TOURER for your ultimate Bush experience

  • We recently purchased a Safari Tourer from Bushwakka that was tailor-made to our specifications. From the onset, it was a pleasure to engage with Jasper and his team. They are professional and open to finding the best solutions to any challenge. My wife and I have been Overlanding Africa for the past 20 years and decided to upgrade our level of comfort when camping whilst not compromising on our ability to visit really remote areas that are generally difficult to access.

    The Safari Tourer was our chosen option as it provides both luxury and convenient camping whilst at the same time light enough to go into serious 4×4 terrain. After two trips, we are starting to get to know the trailer and a few things stand out.

    Most prominently is the ability to quickly set up camp, the comfortable sleeping arrangement, the very practical kitchen and awning, ample storage space, and last but not least the very good all-around lighting system and solar-powered system that will last for days in cloudy weather conditions. Overall a very pleasant experience and highly recommended!

    Werner and Kozett Myburgh
  • We are a family of keen campers. When our children got to an age when they wanted their own space, we saw the opportunity to move into a trailer that was lighter, simpler and easier to set up. The Safari Tourer ticks all those boxes: it’s light, sets up easily and quickly, and it’s tough enough to go anywhere we want to go. We are impressed by the thoughtful and functional design; everything is right where it needs to be.

    We love the unique Bushwakka kitchen that is second to none in our opinion. There is more storage throughout the Tourer than some trailers twice the size, and there’s plenty of payload to carry it all. Last but not least, we are super impressed with the fantastic customer service we’ve received from Jasper, who has gone out of his way to help us with all the questions we had. We’re excited to be part of the Bushwakka family!

    Julie and Matt – Australia
  • I’ve been a loyal Bushwakka owner since 2016.  I settled on a Safari Tourer as the perfect off-road trailer for my needs.  I conducted extensive research on all available off-road trailers before purchasing a Bushwakka.  The quality of the Bushwakka models stood out and the customer-friendly and extremely competent Bushwakka staff pushed them far above every other manufacturer.  The Bushwakka Safari Tourer is a lightweight, maneuverable, and durable off-road camping trailer that is ideal for the adventurer on the go.

    When I’m ready for some time in the bush, I can hook up and be on the road in just minutes.  Once I find the perfect spot, I can have my entire camp set up in less than 15 minutes and be ready to cook, sleep and enjoy the most remote parts of the world with the comforts of home within easy reach.  The Tourer is extremely well designed and can be configured to meet the needs of the individual owner.  It features a well-equipped but simple and convenient kitchen with storage, cooking surfaces, and a fridge. Just when you think you need a light or PowerPoint, you look up, and there it is.  Plenty of water and plenty of renewable power keep your stress to a minimum and comfort at a maximum.

    I trust the quality of these trailers as well as the support and expertise of the Bushwakka team.  While I lived in Africa, I took my Safari Tourer everywhere and it never failed me.  Now, I’ll be taking my new Safari Tourer through its paces in the United States.  If you’re looking for a camping trailer that will take your creature comforts into rugged and remote wilderness, the Safari Tourer is the perfect place to start.

    Ed Newcomer – USA

Bushwakka Africa manufacturers 4×4 Off-Road camping trailers and caravans for the local and global markets. Focusing on quality, not quantity, Bushwakka Africa ensures that a high standard of Value Added service to the client is maintained.

Chassis are built to high engineering standards

Comfortable living interiors and spacious beds

Effortless set up and easy towing

More than 20 years of experience

Superior Victron off-grid power supply

Well equipped kitchens with large work station

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