Bushwakka 360 NEST Rooftop Tent

Bushwakka Africa has been playing with the idea for a while now to develop and build its own range of roof top tents to complement our range of 4×4 overland vehicle accessories.

We wanted something different and unique but similar to our quality and style of products we offer our clients and thought why not implement the same concept as out off-road caravan pop up tops with the double acting lift.

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We like the flat top as it gives one more usable interior space and alloys the design for a shorter total tent length which helps when fitting to Double cab pic ups.

The double opening design also means your total height is less when open for those shady spots under trees.

This also allows us to offer the option of fitting solar panels to the top which lay flat on the roof gaining most access to the son while camping.

The opening and closing is a simple hinged design with gas lifts proving to be very effective and fail safe.

The other great benefit is plenty of ventilation and windows allowing one to see all around the tent from the inside.

The roofs are insulated and offer great protection from the hot out side sun.

Our design also offers plenty of interior packing space for bedding and additional clothing.

Our standard powder coating colour is a matt black finish but we are able to accommodate other colour options on request.

  • A snug retreat or refuge, a resting place, a home. That sums it all up very nicely. I’m sure you could hazard a guess at what the 360 means? That’s right, from perched up high you have 360-degree views. The first thing you need to know is that you just can’t go putting one of the Bushwakka rooftop tents on any vehicle. They weigh in at 90kg, which is by no means a lightweight unit. Here’s another bonus of a rooftop tent. You only have to find a spot for your vehicle. No more worrying about whether the trailer will fit or having to reverse it into a tight spot.

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