Bushwakka Africa manufacturers 4×4 Off-Road camping trailers and caravans for the local and global markets. Focusing on quality, not quantity, Bushwakka Africa ensures that a high standard of Value Added service to the client is maintained.

Chassis are built to high engineering standards

Comfortable living interiors and spacious beds

Effortless set up and easy towing

More than 20 years of experience

Superior Victron off-grid power supply

Well equipped kitchens with large work station


  • Ek wil net met hierdie brief vir julle bedank vir julle moeite  met my wa. Ek wil julle as Bestuur komplimenteer vir julle mooi gedrag en dit laat my as n klient altyd welkom voel. Enige werk wat julle doen, is nooit te veel moeite nie en as enige klient daar stop is julle altyd maar net te gewillig om te help. Julle werk is regtig van n baie goeie gehalte. Dit is vir my n voorreg om te kan se ek is deel van die Bushwakka familie en n trotse Bhoma eienaar. Baie dankie vir julle omgee. Dit word waardeer!

    James Steenkamp
  • A snug retreat or refuge, a resting place, a home. That sums it all up very nicely. I’m sure you could hazard a guess at what the 360 means? That’s right, from perched up high you have 360-degree views. The first thing you need to know is that you just can’t go putting one of the Bushwakka rooftop tents on any vehicle. They weigh in at 90kg, which is by no means a lightweight unit. Here’s another bonus of a rooftop tent. You only have to find a spot for your vehicle. No more worrying about whether the trailer will fit or having to reverse it into a tight spot.

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    Camper Australia
  • I met Jasper and the team about 5 years ago. From day one I felt part of the BW family. Jasper’s drive and passion for the industry are tangible, a man with a lot of knowledge and skill. The team is always willing to assist. The friendly face that meets you in reception makes you feel at home. Your unique ideas are listened to and implemented without compromising quality. There is always assistance when required, even after hours.

    Our decision to invest in our SD classic was based on a few factors:

    • Option to sleep across the bed – no climbing over one- another.
    • A lot of packing space
    • Large door, don’t bang your head when entering or exiting
    • Well-designed kitchen layout
    • Spacious awning ensures a lot of undercover areas.
    • Foldable side panels on Awning, don’t have to remove them every day
    • The units are not mass-produced, so there is a personal touch in every product
    • Superior finishes.
    Ben and Sonja
  • It was in year 2001 when my wife and I bought a “Bushwakka Shorti“. It was second-hand, but it was a starting point to travel and enjoy the outdoor life in SA. Camping was already in our veins as we had owned a caravan when our children were small and still living at home. What we wanted was some form of trailer that was capable of off-road camping, small enough for us to handle, but big enough to allow comfortable camping.

    The trailer was reasonably well equipped for simple camping, and sufficient in all respects for us to enjoy the many trips that we enjoyed. During the time we had this trailer it was towed all over SA, off-road in rough terrain, and it never failed us!

    We owned that trailer for five years, but after experiencing all the over-land trips that we did, the time had come for us to consider the possibility of upgrading to something that was going to give us a little more luxury. We sold this trailer, and purchased another. Incidentally, the value of the trailer had appreciated in value, which enabled us to increase the deposit on a brand new, more luxurious model of off-road trailer.

    We looked at many other brands of trailers, but knowing the strength of the “Shorti“, its off-road ability, and what we had done with it, we decided to purchase the then, very current and latest in the Bushwakka range, a “Bushwakka Safari Off-road Trailer“. This was in May, 2006.

    The “Safari” trailer was an ideal choice for us, as the full tent could be erected from on top of the trailer to the ground in 15 minutes. We had a canopy with side walls, fly-sheet, and many other accessories that made the living outdoor life much more comfortable. The kitchen unit was extremely well equipped, with a gas stove, partitioned safety storage facilities, drawer for knives, forks and spoons, and at a later stage an LED light.

    There was ample storage space beneath and within the tent, and the kitchen facility, which incidentally, was easily available to get to, was just perfect! Other features included the 60 litre water tank, which proved very necessary when in the bush, the nose cone that stored many camping items, the easy access to dust-free clothing draws, sufficient side boxes to store all those extras needed for a comfortable camp! To set up camp took a leisurely one hour, and we had a “home on wheels”, capable of going anywhere the vehicle could go, which we towed with a Land Rover Discovery TD5. At no time did we feel unsafe with this trailer behind the vehicle, and from time to time, we did travel at high speed to enable us to pass through border posts! The handling of the trailer was fairly easy, once we had learnt how to reverse with it attached to the vehicle.

    Travelling to Mozambique, Namibia, Kalaghadi, Richtersveld, Orange River, and many other camping spots was never a problem. The off-road ability of the trailer was exceptional! We used the trailer over sand, many a dirt road, through water, and over very rocky terrain. It never once failed us! We had it regularly serviced by the manufacturers at a minimal cost, who also, incidentally, added the little improvements to our trailer that Bushwakka had discovered with their experiences. This was always done free of charge, or at very lttle cost!

    The trailer was very easy to keep clean, and on the return from a trip, a hose down, was normally more than sufficient. The body work never showed any signs of rust, the tent never leaked, the battery/electric system was very reliable and more than adequate. We did, however, regularly recharge the batteries when camping for long durations when electricity was not available, but the vehicle charging system could easily take care of that.

    Regretfully, we sold our trailer this year. The reason being was that at our ages of 75+ and that my wife has had her third back operation, we decided that it was time for it to go whilst still in an excellent condition. In all the years we had used it, camping with the Bushwakka was really pleasurable, and we were often envied by other campers for our comfortable camping set-up!

    Thank you “Bushwakka” for your wonderful products and your great service, which has made an impact on our camping career of over 14 enjoyable years.

    Dave Lock

    Dave Lock
  • When we decided two years ago to buy an off-road camping trailer for our stay in Africa, our choice quickly fell on the company Bushwakka Africa. We already knew off-road trailers from various manufacturers from many trips through southern Africa. Bushwakka’s presentations on the internet were was very informative, compared to other providers, many details were developed in the most sophisticated way and evidently constantly being optimized based on practical experience.

    But how should we make a purchase from Germany?
    In short, it wasn’t a problem at all!

    Starting with a very pleasant email contact, Jasper Hewitt made almost everything possible so that we could first have a look at our dream model (Sundowner EVO 2) during our next stay in Namibia. Jasper personally traveled to Windhoek from South Africa especially for this, we hadn’t expected that.

    Since the live tour confirmed our virtual impressions and expectations in every respect, we ordered our “Sundowner Evolution II”. A decision that I haven’t regretted for a minute. Of course, at the beginning, I was concerned about whether the deal would go smoothly across two continents and with the handover of at least half the purchase price already made … ?! But despite the distance and despite Corona, everything went very reliably and seriously.

    Jasper regularly sent us pictures of the production status of our trailer, which of course really fueled the anticipation of the handover, which would be in 6 months on our return to Africa. We could choose the handover time ourselves and Jasper transferred the trailer to Windhoek and also took care of the registration and approval in Namibia so that we could take over our top-quality sundowner in September 2021.

    With his friendly, competent, and resourceful manner, Jasper turned the handover into a very special event. The entire trailer was built up and down again under his guidance. Very useful, because once you’ve done something yourself, you can remember the details later. Although we were impressed by the simplicity and speed of setting up and dismantling the camp at the Sundowner, there are a few things to consider.

    We then undertook the maiden voyage to the Kaokofeld with some very demanding off-road sections. We just wanted to know …
    ..our towing vehicle an old Toyota Hilux Raider that has already been through a lot, and the question was of course whether the trailer would also take part ?!

    To cut it short: whether tricky uphill or downhill passages, whether Pulfersand stretches, whether deep sand, whether fast drive over washboard slopes or water crossings and of course on the solid tar road…. The trailer shows excellent driving characteristics.

    It must be added here that the Bushwakka company individually adapts the axles and the tires of the trailer to the existing towing vehicle, which not only has a positive effect on the driving characteristics but of course, also enables the spare wheels to be used universally.

    Although it had rained quite a lot in Namibia last year, the north, unfortunately, didn’t get much of it and the already dusty roads here after 3 years without significant precipitation caused a layer of dust on the car and trailer, as I’ve rarely seen before. So it is nice in the afternoon when you set up the camp that the sundowner is actually perfectly sealed. No dust in any sealed area, that’s great and a huge gain in comfort. We traveled 2600km of rough dusty roads in Namibia.

    The kitchen, the shower, the completely self-sufficient solar-powered 90ltr refrigerator, the lighting everywhere you need it, the enormous storage space, … are also a huge gain in comfort.

    We can only warmly recommend the trailer and, above all, the service.
    Many thanks to Jasper Hewitt and his team.

    Wolfram Juergens – Germany
  • We recently purchased a Safari Tourer from Bushwakka that was tailor-made to our specifications. From the onset, it was a pleasure to engage with Jasper and his team. They are professional and open to finding the best solutions to any challenge. My wife and I have been Overlanding Africa for the past 20 years and decided to upgrade our level of comfort when camping whilst not compromising on our ability to visit really remote areas that are generally difficult to access.

    The Safari Tourer was our chosen option as it provides both luxury and convenient camping whilst at the same time light enough to go into serious 4×4 terrain. After two trips, we are starting to get to know the trailer and a few things stand out.

    Most prominently is the ability to quickly set up camp, the comfortable sleeping arrangement, the very practical kitchen and awning, ample storage space, and last but not least the very good all-around lighting system and solar-powered system that will last for days in cloudy weather conditions. Overall a very pleasant experience and highly recommended!

    Werner and Kozett Myburgh
  • Hi, it is with great pleasure that i can tell about my Bushwakka experience.

    I shopped around quite a bit and went to different manufacturers to see for myself what I could possibly buy. In the end it came down to workmanship, practicality and service from the specific company. The workmanship on my Bushwakka Bhoma is of the highest standard of all the off-road caravans I considered, and I was considering five manufacturers.

    From the first time I walked in at Bushwakka I got excellent service and even after the deal was done they contacted me numerous times to ensure that everything was in order and that I was satisfied with everything. The Bhoma is a very practical caravan and the layout just works for me and the kids just love the built in basin and geyser. Another bonus is that I can set up camp all by myself, no need for help from someone else. That is a definite bonus!! The Bhoma also tows like a dream, very stable.

    Thanks Bushwakka for the memories we have made thus far and the many more that will surely come.

    Ferdinand Hayes
    Ferdinand Hayes