We have our own dedicated tent factory making all our canvas and tent related products in-house.

As our tents are manufactured all under one roof, we have direct management of the work-in-progress and this ensures that quality is 100% and that we deliver on time. It also enables the factory to make changes and improvements to new and old tents to meet client requirements exactly without the risk of working through a supplier who may get it wrong and may not be able to deliver on time.

Over the years we have developed our own unique brand of Trailer Family Tents. We make 2 standard sizes, namely the Bushwakka Large Family Tent and the
Bushwakka Medium Family Tent. We offer a range of additional extra’s and options such as the following:

  • Rear kitchen canopy side panels

  • Add on Kids tents

  • Shower cubicles

  • Main bed extensions

  • Ground sheets

  • Large fly sheets

  • Silver heavy duty heat reflective tent covers

  • Any other special request by our clients

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The Trailer Tent is the most important accessory to a trailer, if you plan to use your trailer as a base to sleep in. Many trailer buyers make the mistake of purchasing a tent on price and only realize once they are actually set up the short coming of many tents available on the market.

What’s important to consider when buying a trailer tent:
  • Bed space and mattress.Make sure the bed area is large enough to accommodate you and your partner, is there enough ventilation, what is the quality of the mattress like? Three weeks on a bad mattress will not be fun!
  • What type of step ladder do they provide for access to bed and does it safely attach to bed base? If it has thin rungs you will not be able to use it without shoes.
  • The size of the side tent is important, will it allow you to sleep the children and can their stretchers fit.
  • The height of the door way, if you are tall and have to bend down each time you enter, think how frustrated you will become.
  • Does the roof give you standing room or is it the type that cuts at an angle straight through the room area.
  • How easily does it pitch and can one erect it without hammering in tent pegs for that quick overnight stop.
  • Can one remove the extra awnings and panel if you do not require them.

These are just some of  the questions one should consider when viewing trailer tents. Our Bushwakka Tents have addressed all these issues mentioned above. We use and test our tents all the time. We know what we are talking about when it comes
to tents? Talk to the specialists…

Large Family Tent:

The Large Family Tent is ideal for the family of 4-5 persons and offers great space down stairs in the ground tent. The size of the floor is 2.8 metres long by 2.1 metres wide. The bed base is 2.1 metres long by 1.4 metres wide, and this base is fitted with a special high density foam 100mm thick mattress (2 metres long by 1.4 metres wide).

The head room above the mattress is great and there are 3 windows for air flow to bed area – a window at each end and a long window down the side of the tent. Air flow and visibility is very important for a good nights rest and being able to see if anything moves about outside at night. The bed end window overlooking the rear kitchen can be fully opened, net and all for access to that morning cup of coffee. The main tent has the option of two doors and a large window or two large windows and one door.

There is also a zip opening to access the right-hand side of trailer and all the clothes storage compartments. The tent is supplied with a number of internal canvas storage pockets and hanging hooks. All doors, windows and openings are covered with mosquito protection nets. The Family tent has three internal 25mm aluminium U-frames, 5 clip in roof support poles and 2 hinged main tent support poles, all aluminium.

The tent has a set of Gabriel gas shocks fitted to the middle U-frame which assists the tent to open very easily. Once the main tent is erected and the 5 internal roof poles are in place, the tent will stand erected supporting itself. Ideal for those quick overnight stop overs while on the road.

Each tent is supplied with a rear kitchen zip on canopy, canopy poles nylon water proof fly sheet, fly sheet poles,mattress, internal cotton lining for condensation, tent pegs and ropes.

The tents are made from a combination of 360g- 260g canvas and Nylon where possible to reduce overall weight. Our tents are not only made to fit Bushwakka Trailers but any make of camping trailer and we will gladly assist you in customizing your own tent.

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